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MATAN - Gives Back to the Community

We believe that it is our responsibility to offer the most professional, dedicated and best care to every person, even those outside MATAN’s purview.  Consequently, we volunteer our know-how, experience, tools and time for the benefit of various sectors of  the community, nationwide.
  • Running the ‘Activities for Health’ Project in cooperation with the Emda Organization  

    For over 6 years, we have run a unique project for people suffering from Alzheimer's and similar diseases.  As part of this project, volunteers who have undergone special training come to the patients' homes and offer the patients and their families the tools for coping with the disease, using the Activities for Health Kit.  The kit was developed by the Emda, a leading Israeli organization in the field of dementia; and it features a variety of activities, such as sensory stimulation,  cognitive training, games, sparking memories, creativity, etc.
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  • Membership in “The Group Home” (Habayit Hakvutzati) Association

    MATAN's acting chair, Ms. Rina Ramot is also the chair of the Group Home Association.   The Group Home, is a community housing system in Beer Sheba for children and youth with cognitive and developmental disabilities.  As part of the community housing, each resident is created a personal advancement plan, promoting its philosophy that every person in general and every resident of the group home in particular is capable of advancing, developing and maximizing his or her latent potential.
  • Activity at the Beer Sova Association

    The Beer Sova Association was established in 1999 by a group of volunteers from the Negev, whose aim was to fight poverty and its harsh consequences and to help its victims.  The organization began it journey by opening a restaurant for the needy and developed various projects in the field of nutritional safety.  Over the years, people began to realize that it was not sufficient to merely distribute food and that work must be done to bring about social change, in order to provide a suitable solution to the problem of hunger and poverty.  This was fueled by the belief that every person has the basic right to live a life with dignity:  food, shelter, education, and social contact.  We work toward meeting these needs at Beer Sova, and Matan's Acting Chair, Ms. Rina Ramot has served as a member of the board since its inception.
    For additional information, visit the Beer Sova website
  • Contributing to Beer Sheba’s Soroka Hospital

    For over a decade, our company has regularly contributed to Soroka Hospital, in recognition of the hospital's important life saving activity for the residents of the south.
  • Activity of the Shoulder to Shoulder Organization

    We promote the creation of equal opportunities for assisting the needy through the activities of the Shoulder to Shoulder Organization.  The organization's vision is to promote and assist needy families, which have the power to improve the entire Israeli society.  The organization works to realize this vision on four fronts - quality of life, prudent economic management, education and employment.
    Ms. Rina Ramot, MATAN's acting chair serves as a member of the board at  the Shoulder to Shoulder Organization.
    For additional information, visit the Shoulder to Shoulder Organization's website.
  • Involvement in JAFI’s Partnership Together Project

    The Partnerships' platform was established in 1994 by JAFI and other institutions in order to develop a bridge-relationship between Jewish communities worldwide to a city or regional council in Israel, through assorted social projects and joint activity.  One of these 45 partnerships is the Beer Sheba-Bnei Shimon and Montreal Partnership, which supports many diverse educational and community projects in order to influence and promote community development.  Our company is involved in the Partnership Together Project; and over the years, we have contributed our experience and knowledge of the Beer Sheba region to further the success of the project, both from a financial aspect and in helping JAFI make important contacts.
    For further information, visit the JAFI website.

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