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Amidar Protected Accommodation facilities

We operate over 40 protected accommodation facilities for the elderly on behalf of the "Amidar" company:- from Safed in the north, to Eilat in the south. The chain is supervised by the Ministry of Housing, and the Ministry of Social Welfare & Immigrant Absorption. The staff includes: social workers, house mothers, personal therapists and hundreds of professional workers who provide service to about 3,400 elderly people, assisting as much as possible in matters of social and physical health.

Training services (professional support care)

Matan is licensed by the Ministry of Social Affairs to operate professional support workers and provide services to local authorities. The assistance generally focuses on how the family or the individual copes on a daily basis: housekeeping, individual / parental functioning, contact with services and agencies in the community, entitlement to rights and so on. These support services contribute to improving how children, the elderly and distressed families – who need assistance, training and guidance - function during times of crisis in their lives.

Day-care center for the elderly

Since 1988 we have been operating a day-care center in Arad, which is run as a Home for the Elderly through a unique format designed to enable independent and partially-disabled seniors to remain within the community, participate whenever possible, and retain their independent capabilities and skills.

Assistant caregivers (auxiliary manpower) in hospitals

We are responsible for supplying auxiliary manpower to various departments of the Soroka Medical Center in Be'er Sheva, and Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital in Jerusalem. We maintain routine contact with hospital management to ensure satisfaction with the quality of the service that we provide.

Psychiatric Services in the IPS

We provide services of physicians and psychiatrists in the Israel Prison Services units. As part of this service we have a team that provides medical services to prisoners / detainees in the units.

Social accompaniment for detainees in electronic shackles

Matan provides the IPS with social accompaniment services for detainees in electronic shackles. As part of this program Matan social workers go to the detainment centers, examine the nature of the house arrest and its effect on the life of the family, the bondsman and the defendant. They then define what needs to be performed within the framework of the program. The process and the provision of social accompaniment for the detainee are done in order to help him deal with the situation and fulfill the conditions of house arrest as a preferred alternative to a detention facility.

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