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"Health Activities" Kit

The kit was developed by "EMDA - the Alzheimer's Association of Israel, which is Israel's leading association in the field of dementia diseases. This professional kit was designed specifically to help people with memory impairment, dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  The concept is to stimulate the patient's range of abilities in order to maintain brain connections and interpersonal skills, helping to slow down the deterioration of the patient’s capabilities and to preserve his faculties.
The kit’s activities are tailored to the condition, abilities and nature of the patient, and are conducted in a way that is pleasant and challenging, bringing interest and satisfaction into the patient’s routine life. The "Health Activities" kit contains a variety of activities, such as:
  • Brain Training
  • Sensory stimulation / physical training
  • Games
  • Reminiscences
  • Creativity
  • Songs
  • Recipes
Activities using the kit provide physical, mental and social values, and lead to a positive diversity of results: 
  • Brain stimulation and using the body.
  • Improved mood, thus preventing boredom and irritability.
  • Encouraging interpersonal relationships.
  • Strengthening the sense of self.
  • Strengthening and preserving the brain’s neural connections.
  • Improving the quality of life and the atmosphere in the home.
  • Strengthening the role of the patient within the family.

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