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Unique treatment project

In addition to long-term care we have developed a unique project for people who are suffering from Alzheimer’s and similar diseases, if the developmental stage of the disease still permits it. As part of this project your dear ones will have a series of meetings with a skilled therapist in your home.  Each session lasts about two hours, and you will also participate in these meetings. As clients of Matan you will receive a number of meetings free of charge.
At the start of the treatment, our project coordinator will conduct a home visit with your loved one to become familiar with them, learn about their skills and talents before the outbreak of the disease, and to examine their suitability for the project. Then you will meet several times with a skilled therapist who has undergone special training for patients with Alzheimer's and other dementia diseases.

During the sessions, the therapist will come to your loved one’s home and provide the family with the tools needed to cope with the disease. Part of these ‘tools’ include the "Health Activities" kit which encompasses a variety of activities on different topics: sensory stimulation, mental training, games, reminiscences, creativity crafts etc.

Treatment by means of the kit helps to preserve the patient’s skills; it contributes towards improving their quality of life; and gives them interest and satisfaction in their daily routine through individual work and personal attention.  Also, it creates a pleasant atmosphere and helps to enhance the relationship with the caregiver.

All of the therapists in the project have undergone a special training course for patients with Alzheimer’s and other dementia diseases. They have learned about the development of the disease, the symptoms, communication skills and caring for patients with dementia, while at the same time learning how best to use the "Health Activities" kit.

At every meeting the therapist will guide your loved one through enjoyable and meaningful activities. During this time both you and the permanent caregiver will gain the knowledge and learn the methods for ensuring continuity of care even after the completion of the training sessions. This will be supported by the guidance of the project coordinator throughout the entire process.

In meeting after meeting you and other family members will become more and more actively involved in this activity. You will learn the professional tools and accumulate the knowledge and confidence that will allow you to assist your loved one, independently, helping both them and yourself to better cope with the disease.

Our experience in operating the project indicates that it is well received by family members and patients; it provides the patients with considerable pleasure and encourages them to once again take part in activities that they had ceased to participate in.

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