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Choosing the caregiver

The process for selecting the caregiver brings with it numerous misgivings; after all, this person is going to become an essential and integral part of your life. We will be happy to let you benefit from our accumulated experience and knowledge employing foreign workers as caregivers, so you can be assured your loved ones will be in good hands.

You have obtained the Permit to employ a foreign caregiver - now what?

1. Registration – we will put you into contact with a Placement Office licensed by the Ministry of Industry to deal with the placement, importation, liaison and handling of foreign workers in the long-term care industry. Why? Because according to Law, both the caregiver and the employer - that means you! - must be registered with an authorized Placement Office throughout the employment period.
  • The Office is entitled to charge placement fees as well as service and handling charges for the services it provides.
  • We maintain close contact with leading private firms that have large databases of foreign caregivers, who speak different languages, ​​and who are experienced in the field of long-term care. All caregivers are professionally qualified and receive training in long-term care for the entire period of service. If you choose a foreign caregiver, we will help you get the license and service as quickly as possible, saving you the need to become involved with laws, regulations and government requirements.
2. Selection - the Placement Office will provide you with access to an extensive database of foreign caregivers, some of whom may already be in Israel. Together with the Placement Office we will locate, advise and help you choose the right caregiver for the family, while paying special attention to the nature and specific needs of your loved one. This includes knowing pertinent details about the potential caregiver:: gender, language, qualification, experience, physical abilities and more. Together, to our very utmost, we will find the best caregiver for your loved one.

3. Visa - after selecting the caregiver, a work visa has to be arranged at the Ministry of the Interior with the assistance of the Placement Office; together we will guide you and provide you with the necessary documents.

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