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Coordinating expectations with the caregiver

How to behave and coordinate expectations with the caregiver
The key to a fruitful collaboration between the caregiver and your family lies in clearly explaining to the caregiver what is expected of them, as well as providing them with information about your loved one. You must guide the caregiver through the first steps, defining and explaining his role in creating a pleasant, considerate and patient environment.

How do we start?

1. Give the caregiver some background information - help him to know about your loved one, and provide details : their nature, their medical condition and mental state, their daily schedule, their food preferences (also, whether or not they keep kosher) sensitivities, favorite activities and so forth.

2. Defined tasks - do not leave room for interpretation; clarify which tasks the caregiver is expected to perform, and when (cleaning, cooking, treatments, etc.). No less important are the things you do not want the caregiver to do - these should also be clearly stated.

3. Routine cleaning - Everyone has his own habits and personal needs: we recommend you familiarize the caregiver with these by training them how to clean the house the way you prefer. Provide details about where to clean and how often; how to use the cleaning materials; how to run the electrical appliances like the washing machine, dryer and dishwasher, etc.

4. Grocery shopping - if you wish the caretaker to do shopping for the house, take him out and familiarize him with his surroundings; show him where to go to do the shopping. Of course, the caregiver also has needs: discuss with him the expectations regarding purchasing goods for his personal needs, such as food and hygiene products. You should also ask for receipts in order to monitor and control expenditure.

5.  Medications - if you're not sure that your loved one will take their medications on time, ask the caregiver to handle that. Give the caregiver a clear list with the names of all the medicines that your loved one takes regularly; specify the dosage for each drug, the day and time they are taken. We recommend using a pill box, so that medicines can be apportioned according to day and time-of-day.

6. Telephone list - you must prepare a clear list of important phone numbers for the caregiver - for example: family members, doctors, clinic, Matan offices etc. as well as the emergency numbers of Magen David Adom, Fire Department and the Police.

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