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How to prepare for the arrival of the caregiver

How should you prepare for the arrival of the caregiver?
Bringing another person into the life of the family requires preparation for the new reality and time for everyone involved to adjust. Remember, we are here to help, to advise and support not only your loved one, but you too.

1. Sharing - talk, explain and involve your loved one as much as possible in the decision-making and preparation process. Give them the opportunity to voice their doubts, without pressure, and be attentive to their requests.

2. Prepare your loved one - tell them about the arrival of the caregiver and details about the process in order to save them any unnecessary surprises. Talk openly with them, at eye level, about the role of the caregiver, the change that is about to occur and the implications.

3. Address the living area for the caregiver - the caregiver must be provided with adequate living conditions allowing him/her comfort and some privacy: a bed and closet space for clothes and personal belongings. This should be in a separate room whenever possible.

4. Create a work plan - you understand the situation at home better than anyone, so we recommend you ensure that the caregiver understands and will become familiar with it by preparing a daily and weekly schedule, defining his/her role. Do not forget to allow the caregiver time for rest and for personal activities, which are essential for us all; this is what provides us with the energy to function properly.

Remember, we are here for you along the way, so don’t hesitate to contact us for advice and guidance at any time.

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