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Ministry of Health assistance with financing

There are instances in which a physically or mentally impaired senior is eligible for funding by the Ministry of Health for hospitalization expenses.  In order to receive such assistance, you must submit a request to the Ministry of Health in order to receive a ‘geriatric code’.  Because the request authorization process may take between 1.5 to 3 months, we will do whatever is required to help you and your loved ones during this waiting period, thanks to our many connections with retirement homes across the country.  If possible, we will do our best to ensure that your loved ones can move to a retirement home at a reduced rate, prior to receiving authorization from the Ministry of Health.

What is a Geriatric Code?
A ‘Geriatric Code’ is a document from the Ministry of Health which determines whether or not your loved ones are eligible for funding, and its size, based on the senior’s socioeconomic status.
Geriatric Code for Hospitalization in a Nursing Unit
In the State of Israel, hospitalization in a nursing facility is not covered by the Health Basket.  However, because many seniors are forced to enter in-patient nursing facilities and cover their considerable costs, the Ministry of Health grants many seniors financial assistance for nursing facility solutions.
The Ministry of Health’s conditions for assistance with funding nursing institution care for seniors and the size of the assistance are defined by the Geriatric Code.
How is eligibility for funding determined according to the Geriatric Code?  
Receiving funding assistance from the Ministry of Health is determined according to a number of conditions:
  1. Health Condition - Assistance is granted to seniors who are designated as nursing patients or mentally frail.  These are people who require ongoing assistance in completing their daily tasks or who suffer from mental and cognitive symptoms that lead to their disorientation.  In order for your loved ones to receive such a designation, a certified medical opinion is required, and you must complete a questionnaire regarding their level of functioning and their state of health.
  2. Social Situation - Your loved ones must complete a social status report, with the assistance of a social worker.
  3. Economic Situation - In order to evaluate your and your loved ones’ economic capabilities, you must submit financial documents, such as confirmation of income and expenses for the 3 months preceding the request.
  4. Availability at the different institutions - Sometimes, the institutions with full Ministry of Health authorization are fully occupied and you may need to wait until a place becomes available.  Note that not every nursing facility accepts senior citizens with a ‘geriatric code’.
The Size of the Assistance
The aforementioned factors not only influence the question of eligibility for funding but also the size of the funding.  Each case is weighed on its own merit by a special committee appointed by the Ministry of Health, whose decision is also influenced by other considerations, such as:  number of requests for assistance, the government’s budget at the given time, etc.  In recent years, the government’s budget totals approximately NIS 1 billion, i.e. over ten thousand authorizations of the Geriatric Code are granted on average annually.  The Ministry of Health assistance ranges from a few hundred shekels a month to the full funding of the senior’s entire hospitalization period.  In the event that full funding is not authorized, you or your loved ones will be required to pay the bill.  In order to ensure that this payment is made, the Ministry of Health is entitled to seize part of the senior citizen’s assets. 
Submitting a request for a Geriatric Code
In order to qualify for assistance, you or your loved ones must supply a number of forms that appear on and may be downloaded from the Ministry of Health’s website.  Do not hesitate to ask for our assistance.  We can simplify this process, making it faster and easier.
Which forms will you be required to submit?
  1. A photocopy of the identification card.
  2. A certified medical opinion.
  3. A completed questionnaire on your loved ones functioning and state of health.
  4. A social status report completed by a social worker.
  5. Financial documents:  Detailed declaration of capital, confirmation of income and expenses for the 3 months preceding the request, allowance authorizations from the National Insurance Institute. 
  6. If the hospitalization occurred during the past year, hospital discharge papers must also be attached.

What steps must you take?
All of the above must be sent to the Ministry of Health office by mail, fax or delivered personally.  You must then wait for a response, which may take between 1.5 - 3 months.  Until you receive an answer, our professional staff will be pleased to assist you and your loved ones and to arrange a stay at a retirement home at a reduced rate.
For further information, visit the Ministry of Health website: http://www.health.gov.il/Subjects/Geriatrics/GeriatricHospitalization/Pages/InpatientNursingAssistance.aspx  
Immediate transfer to a retirement home through a pre-geriatric code arrangement
Sometimes, the senior citizen’s condition does not allow him to remain at home and he must be immediately admitted to a retirement facility.  Since the Geriatric Code process takes time, we help families and their loved ones reach a special arrangement with retirement facilities, which agree to charge a reduced rate for the senior’s stay until the Geriatric Code is received from the Ministry of Health.
Income Tax Benefits
In order to ease the economic burden of living in a retirement facility, you or your loved ones can receive various tax breaks.  
Community-based Funding
Sometimes, the local authorities participate in the funding of  retirement home expenses.  The funding is granted based on the financial ability of your loved ones and requires you to make a co-payment, based on your economic situation.

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