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The ability to make a difference.
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    Rachel Hamo - MATAN Dimona Branch Manager

    I liked the idea of caring for seniors, I felt passionate about nurturing, and a great sense of compassion, warmth and love.  There were moments in which I broke down and cried, but the enormous satisfaction that I felt from just putting a smile on someone’s face, outweighs everything.  For me, every senior takes me on a journey to the past, whether it entails happy or sad experiences.  I have learned that seniors are people with life experience, and we can learn from them.  Each time I gave to them, I felt I received in return.  I discovered that for me, the importance of life is to give to others in a simple, humane, non-condescending manner, with a natural good natured feeling.  We do our job, not only to receive a salary, but also as a mission of kindness.  
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    Chantal Levi - MATAN Ofakim Supervisor

    I loved my job from the first moment.  It felt natural to me, I didn’t even need a period of adjustment, I just felt that I had finally found my place.  I really liked working with the seniors, listening to their personal stories, hearing about their successes/disappointments and their innermost dreams, knowing that they felt comfortable to share moments with me that they had never before shared with anyone else, not even their family members.  I have always said that these stories should be recorded before they are forgotten, because every senior is a world unto himself.
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    Yelena Borisneko - MATAN Beer Sheba Placement Officer

    I began working at Ganei Omer and I even was awarded an Outstanding Caregiver certificate.  I discovered that I really liked working with seniors, listening to those in need of attention.  I realized that I had the patience and strength to give to others, even in small ways, like cooking someone their favorite food. Although I wasn’t born in Israel, sometimes I feel like their granddaughter and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction.
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