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Entitlement to Financing of the service

In many cases, individual care and assistance in the home is funded by various sources.  We are here to introduce you to these sources, to help you understand whether you are eligible to funding and to assist you with whatever decision you make.
It is important for you to know, that from the moment you contact us, we will help you submit a request for funding, we will advise you and will immediately provide you with a caretaker, free of charge, until you are granted eligibility.
  • Nursing Law

    Matan Healthcare Services was selected by the National Insurance Institute to provide services as part of the government’s Long Term Care Law. The Long Term Care Law was legislated in April of 1986 and it determines the eligibility for long term nursing care and/or a long term nursing care benefit granted to Israel’s senior citizen population in the community.
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  • Healthcare Funds

    The Kupat Holim Healthcare Services offer a basket of services to their members to which they are eligible as part of their medical insurance. In order to find out what services you are eligible for, contact your attending physician or social worker at your Kupat Holim.
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  • הקרן לרווחת ניצולי השואה

    Holocaust Survivors Welfare Fund

    The Foundation regularly offers funding for additional weekly hours of nursing care to Holocaust survivors, who are completely or greatly dependent on others. The foundation is funded by the Claims Conference and the State of Israel through the Holocaust Survivors’ Authority at the Ministry of Finance.
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  • Ministry of Defense

    We provide services to the Ministry of Defense’s Disabled Rehabilitation Division and the Families and Remembrance Division.
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  • Protected Persons’ Fund

    The Fund for Care for Wards of State is a corporation established by the General Legal Guardianship Center at the Ministry of Justice and it is authorized to handle matters related to Wards of State, to protect their property and their rights.
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