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Individual care at home

Funding from the Ministry of Defense

We provide services to the Ministry of Defense’s Disabled Rehabilitation Division and the Families and Remembrance Division.

What are the fields of assistance provided by the Rehabilitation Division?

  1. We offer mentoring services to IDF disabled veterans who are in need of support and assistance in social, familial and interpersonal fields and any subject related to daily functioning.
  2. We employ rehabilitation counselors who provide assistance, training and encouragement in a variety of fields:  home care, shopping, financial planning, community assistance and assistance in dealing with bureaucracy at public institutions and organizations.

What are the fields of assistance as part of the Families and Remembrance Division?

  1. We assign mentors to IDF orphans and widows who assist them throughout their lives and provide them with support in the social and scholastic field.
  2. We provide the service of nursing caregivers to bereaved families whose health condition requires assistance at home or at an institution such as a retirement home or nursing home.

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